Secrets of Metaphysics Mastery

Secrets of Metaphysics Mastery

Author: Erik Tao


ISBN: 1070733407


Page: 328

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If you are an unconventional thinker who likes to follow his own path, then keep reading. This boxset includes the most transformational collection of the top books to help you learn everything about the secrets of metaphysics. It will give you the opportunity to delve deeper into the concept of life and the mind. It helps you to bridge the gap between far-out beliefs and practicality and in doing so it will change your thinking about nature and society. It's a great resource for moving your energy, changing your mind and habits and finding your spiritual/metaphysical path.3 Books in 1 BoxsetIncluded in this book collection are 21 METAPHYSICAL SECRETS: The complete metaphysical guide to life changing truths for unconventional thinkers using the law of attraction and manifestation 21 SECRETS OF ATTRACTING MONEY: The complete metaphysical guide to abundance, prosperity, financial success, wealth and well-being THE POWER OF METAPHYSICS: The complete metaphysical guide to a new life using the revealing 27-day journey of metaphysics