Paleo Smoothies

Paleo Smoothies

Author: Jane Burton


ISBN: 0992543568



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Paleo Smoothies Recipe Book: Smoothies are not only a quick and easy way to eat a nutritious meal when you are busy, but they are also a tasty, refreshing drink. If you follow the Paleo diet, these healthy smoothie recipes will fit right into your lifestyle. We love making smoothies at our house because they are so flexible with ingredients. They can also save you money if you buy fruits or vegetables on special at the supermarket, or if you have an abundance from your own garden. Of course when people are on their way to work or kids are off to school, smoothies are the perfect quick to prepare choice. Paleo smoothies don't differ all that much from regular fruit or vegetable smoothies, but they probably differ the most when it comes to their dairy content. These Paleo smoothie recipes are all dairy free, instead some of the recipes using almond milk or coconut milk. If a sit down breakfast isn't working out at your house because of time restrictions, then healthy smoothies may be your answer. So whether it be breakfast, snack or a meal replacement smoothie recipe you are looking for, this book will definitely help you. I've also included smoothie making tips and a list of 30 super foods you can use in your Paleo smoothies and juices to give them extra nutrients and minerals. Smoothies are also wonderful if you are feeling unwell but need nutrition, or just plain aren't very hungry! Some people like smoothie fasting recipes that are in place of a balanced meal, including protein, as an all in one drink, while others drink smoothies for weight loss. Enjoy this Paleo Smoothies recipe book by Jane Burton!